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Due Diligence Surveys provide buyers and investors an opinion as to the true condition of a facilities roof, hardscape and exterior wall systems prior to purchase.  These surveys assist our clients understanding of costs likely to be incurred prior to purchase.  The surveys provide budgets for repair, replacement, and on-going maintenance.  IRS provides thorough evaluations essential for accurate assessment and profitable decision making.

  • Drawings: Dependent upon client requirements, IRS may create a scaled, CAD generated roof plan, hardscape site sketch and building elevations of the facility to located deficiencies and determine total square footage for the purpose of establishing budgets.

  • Construction Document Review: IRS reviews original construction prints that may be available to identify deviations in the actual construction from those stated in the documents.  This verification is completed visually, unless destructive testing is required and authorized in writing.  

  • Conditions and Photographs: IRS visually examines each system's general appearance to analyze its appearance, condition and construction to the extent possible.  Observed conditions, general characteristics, excessive traffic patterns, and presence of any contaminants and/or previous repairs are noted on the drawings, if applicable and documented with digital photographs.

  • Written Report:  IRS compiles the data gathered during the survey and prepares a formal written report for each asset class examined.  Based upon the findings, IRS develops an opinion of probable costs for the repair, maintenance and/or replacement of each noted deficiency.
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