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The IRS OnLine Asset Management System is provided as a value added service to IRS clients and is intended to promote and facilitate proactive asset management practices which result in reduced life-cycle costs of your facility assets.  IRS assists each client in development and implementation of a strategy to enhance and compliment each clients unique business goals and objectives, leveraging our expertise to maximize efficiency and reduce cost.  An effective Asset Management Program requires the gathering and organization of sufficient data to develop these three (3) fundamental management tools.

Life-Cycle Cost Tracking enabling fact based decisions regarding operating strategies which deliver the lowest total life-cycle cost.

Capital Allocation Modeling facilitates the allocation and prioritization of scarce capital resources across assets.

Financial Planning to develop multi-year management plans, annual budgets and periodic forecasting of capital and expense spending.

Life-Cycle Cost Tracking, Capital Allocation Modeling and Financial Planning are accomplished through Data Aquisition and Data Modeling:

  • Data Aquisition is accomplished by review of historical and construction documents, field observations and physical evaluations of each facility asset to be incorporated into the IRS OnLine Asset Management System.
  • Data Modeling  organizes the data gathered into a functional data model.  This allows the application or development of, "client specific business rules" derived from our clients unique business goals and objectives to the data.  Once completed, clients can test or develop the strategies and tactics necessary to achieve their business goals and objectives.  Finalized asset management strategies and tactics can then be applied to their facility assets on a global, national, regional or individual facility level.
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